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Easton Press is a publisher of high-quality leather bound books, and has been publishing leather bound books for over 30 years. Easton Press books are bound in genuine leather with 22k gold cover designs & illustrations, gilt page edges, fine end papers, and satin sewn-in bookmarks. Easton Press leather bound books are absolutely the finest quality collectible books made. Printed on archival acid-free paper, Easton Press books are crafted to last generations.

Fine collectible booksellers often carry a wide range of Easton Press titles, and they are also available directly through auctions and sites like Amazon.

List of the Easton Press Major Literary Series’

In addition to their larger collections, Easton Press also publishes several small collections of just one or a few titles. These sets often feature matching leather binding design that is specifically designed to look like a set. These matching collections always look great on a bookshelf.

List of Easton Press Smaller Literary Collections

Reader’s Choice Collections 





Science Fiction


It’s worth noting that Easton Press publishes many, many more leather bound books in non-fiction topics. Easton Press publishes finely bound books in science, religion, history, and more fields. Leather Bound Books focuses on the fiction books published by Easton Press.

Easton Press Book Availability

While many of the Easton Press books are still in print, most are not available for purchase singly from Easton Press. Instead customers must subscribe to an entire series. Customers pay a monthly fee, which varies depending on the book series, and then receive a new book each month. For most of these Easton Press book series you cannot choose to purchase just this or that book from them. Because of this the secondary market has become very popular for Easton Press books.

Another reason the secondary market is so large for Easton Press titles is that for many of their series — particularly their signed first editions — the majority of the books in the series are now out of print, making collectible booksellers and online sources like Amazon and Ebay the only way to buy those Easton Press books.


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