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Easton Press Tom Swift Classics

The Easton Press leather bound collection of Tom Swift Classics includes 6 leather bound books sold by Easton Press for $54.00 per book. All books in the Tom Swift Classics series are bound in genuine leather with 22k gold accents, gilded page edges, moire page ends and a sewn in bookmark. Additionally the Tom Swift Classics books include a color frontspiece of vintage dust jacket art.

This six volume collection features the beloved inventory/adventurer boy, Tom Swift. The character of Tom Swift was created by Edward Stratemeyer who was the founder of a book packaging firm. Tom Swift adventures have been written by a number of different ghostwriters, and most of the Tom Swift books are published under the pen name Victor Appleton.

The Easton Press collection includes six books all with gorgeous matching leather bindings — a fantastic shelf presence.

List of Books in the Easton Press Tom Swift Classics

  • Tom Swift and his Motor Cycle
  • Tom swift and his Motor Boat
  • Tom Swift and his Air Ship
  • Tom Swift and his Submarine Boat
  • Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout
  • Tom Swift and his Wireless Message

There have actually been hundreds of Tom Swift adventure stories over the years. The original series by Edward Stratemeyer (and ghostwriters) was published from 1910 to 1941. The Tom Swift adventures typically involved Tom Swift in a chance encounter with someone who is having technological trouble. Tom steps up and repairs/improves the device in question and embarks on adventures with the new contraption.

Tom Swift books were targeted at a young adult audience, and their popularity early in the 20th century was massive — outselling Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins, and the Hardy Boys Collections.

Other Books by Victor Appleton

Our full list of leather bound books by Victor Appleton in our index, including alternate an additional Tom Swift titlesif they exist:

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