Lensman Saga

Easton Press Lensman Saga

The Easton Press leather bound collection, E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Lensman Saga includes 6 books that are offered by Easton Press for $59.95 per book. This series is bound in genuine leather with 22k gold accents, gilded page edges, moire end papers, and a sewn in bookmark. Additionally, the Lensman Saga includes frontspieces of the original 1940s and 1950s full-color dust jacket art.

The Lensman Saga is a classic of science fiction that set the standard for the space adventures and made Doc Smith a legend. The Lensman Saga was a runner up for the Hugo award for bet All-Time Series (the winner was Asimov’s Foundation series). The Lensman Saga was originally published serialized in magazines before being collected into the set of books that became popular.

As with all Easton Press series, the leather bound books in the Lensman Saga are available from Easton Press only by subscribing to the entire series. However, at only 6 volumes, it is very desirable to get the entire series, which is currently available from Easton Press directly.

List of Books in the Lensman Saga

  • Triplanetary
  • First Lensman
  • Galactic Patrol
  • Gray Lensman
  • Second Stage Lensmen
  • Children of the Lens

Other Books by E.E. Smith

Our full list of leather bound books by E. E. Smith in our index, including alternate versions of The Lensman Saga, if they exist:


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