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Easton Press Harvard Classics List

The Easton Press leather bound book collection: Harvard Classics includes 50 volumes that are offered through subscription only for $69.95 per book, at one book a month. The Easton Press Harvard Classics collection are bound in genuine leather with moire end papers, 22k gold accents, gilded page edges, and a sewn-in bookmark. In addition, each book is signed by the author.

The Harvard Classics list came about in 1910, when the president of Harvard University put together a library of what he called, “All the books needed for a real education.” The Easton Press Harvard Classic series covers the history of the world’s best regarded poetry, drama, history, philosophy and even scripture. Multiple works are combined into most volumes, totally more than 1,850 works by over 300 authors.

As with all Easton Press major series, the leather bound books in the Harvard Classics are available from Easton Press only by subscribing to the entire series.  To choose just one or two or a dozen books that you want, you will have to purchase these Easton Press titles from the secondary market. Collectible booksellers often carry a wide range of Easton Press titles, and are often available from Amazon.

List of Books in the Easton Press Harvard Classics

  • Plutarch’s Lives
  • Plato, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius
  • Bacon, Milton’s Prose, Thomas Browne
  • Milton’s Complete Poems in English
  • Emerson’s Essays and English Traits
  • Robert Burns’ Poems and Songs
  • St. Augustine – Confessions and The Imitation of Christ
  • Nine Greek Dramas
  • Letters and Treatises of Cicero and Pliny
  • Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations
  • Darwin – The Origin of the Species
  • Benjamin Franklin, John Woolman, William Penn
  • Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Cervantes – Don Quixote
  • Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress; Walton’s Life of Donne and Herbert
  • The Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)
  • Folk-lore and Fable of Aesop, Grimm, Andersen
  • Modern English Drama
  • Goethe’s Faust and Egmont; Marlow’s Dr. Faustus
  • Dante – The Divine Comedy
  • Manzoni – I Promessi Sposi
  • Homery – The Odyssey
  • Dana – Two Years Before the Mast
  • Burke – On the Sublime, The French Revolution
  • John Stuart Mill and Thomas Carlyle
  • Continental Drama
  • English Essays, Sidney to Macaulay
  • Essays, English and American
  • Darwin – Voyage of the Beagle
  • Scientific Papers of Faraday, Helmholtz, Kelvin and Others
  • Cellini – Autobiography
  • Montaigne, Sainte-Beuve, Renan – Essays
  • Voyages and Travels
  • Descartes, Coltaire, Rousseau, Hobbes
  • Froissart, Malory, Holinshed – Chronicles and Legends
  • Machiavelli, More, Luther
  • Locke, Berkeley, Hume
  • Scientific Papers of Harvey, Jenner, Lister, Pasteur
  • Famous Prefaces
  • English Poetry Volume 1
  • English Poetry Volume 2
  • English Poetry Volume 3
  • American Historical Documents
  • Sacred Writings Volume 1
  • Sacred Writings Volume 2
  • Elizabethan Drama Volume 1
  • Elizabethan Drama Volume 2
  • Pascal – Thoughts
  • Epic and Saga
  • Introduction, Reader’s Guide, Indexes

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