Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written List

Easton Press is one of many publishers that have created a list of the 100 greatest books ever written. In the case of easton press, however, their 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series are all gorgeously leather bound books. Every book in this series is bound in genuine leather, and the books also include 22k gold accents on the cover as well as gilt page edges and a sewn in bookmark.

Many other sources have created lists of the 100 greatest books, including Time magazine. While the books in each list vary from source to source, there are certain books that seem to consistently make it onto every list — well-known classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are all examples of such books.

The Easton Press series is definitely one of the definitive collector’s editions, however, with their incredibly high quality leather bound books.

How the Books Are Chosen

The Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written books are supposed to be some of the most renowned books of all time by the world’s best known authors, and the list was selected by the Easton Press editorial advisory board.

Where to Find a List of the Books

Unfortunately Easton Press itself does not publish a list of all the books in any of their many book series; however, you can find the entire list of all of the books in their series Here on Leather Bound Books and also on Wikipedia.

Interestingly, Easton Press actually has 125 books in their 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series. The series originally had only 100 books in it, but later on Easton Press added an additional 25 books to the series, including the Holy Bible and several short story collections (the series is not exclusive to novels — there are short stories, memoirs, and plays in it as well).

How to Get the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written

Easton Press does not sell most of their books individually. Instead, customers subscribe to a series of books, and pay a monthly subscription fee and get one book each month. Thus if you subscribe to the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series, it would take you just about 10 and a half years to collect every book in the series.

Customers can, however, choose to buy an entire series all at once — additionally, you can contact Easton Press and request not to receive certain books in a series. You are not, however, able to buy just one book in a series from Easton Press. This is no doubt to make their book inventory easier to manage — rather than handling radically different quantities for every one of the thousand of leather bound book titles they carry, they know that each series will have approximately the same sales volume and turnover times.


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