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Leather Bound Books is an online  resource to find information about the leading leather bound book publishers, including Franklin Library and Easton Press. Franklin Library closed its doors in 2000 and those titles are now only available through secondary sources, and there is no single place (that we could find) that collects all of the title information on Franklin Library books.

Similarly, while Easton Press is still thriving and publishing, they don’t actually list all of the titles in their various book series’ anywhere online. Leather Bound Books is attempting to make all of this information available in one place and in a format that is easy to browse, and searchable. So whether you’re looking for the  Sherlock Holmes collection or a list of all the books in the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written series, we try to make them easy to locate and connect you with where to buy them online.

We are still building the site:

We are working to make Leather Bound Books the best possible resource for finding Easton Press and Franklin Library books, and are adding new pages daily. All of the major literary series are currently listed on the site, with lists of all the books in each series; however, we’re working to go further than that and actually create pages for each book. This will eventually let you go to the page of any book, and automatically see a list of all other leather bound books written by that author, including alternate editions of that title. Best of all, we’re using the Amazon API to automatically search Amazon for a collectible bookseller offering that book for sale.

But the process is a slow one, as you can imagine. We’re adding pages constantly, but there are thousands of different leather bound editions to go through, so it will take us time.

Where to Buy Leather Bound Books

Since Franklin Library closed its doors ten years ago, the only way to find Franklin Library books is on the secondary market. Easton Press is still publishing; however, a great many of their titles are out of print. For the ones that are still in print, you must subscribe to the entire series to gain most of the Easton Press titles — you cannot just buy the one or two or 12 books that you want.

Thus for most leather bound books, you will need to look on the secondary market. This means looking for collectible booksellers, and individual auctions. Happily, the internet has made this kind of searching easier than ever.

Amazon is a phenomenal resource to find these books, where you can easily gain access to many different collectible booksellers in a searchable format. Best of all, with Amazon you know you are dealing with a trusted company. For this reason Leather Bound Books lists Amazon’s best match with the best price for the various leather bound book series. Note, however, that Amazon’s search function isn’t perfect (none are) so be sure that the book listing is, in fact, an Easton Press or Franklin Library edition.

Complete Leather Bound Book Lists

At Leather Bound Books, we are trying to make our listings of Franklin Library and Easton Press books as complete as possible. Since there is no other single source for this information, it can be difficult to get complete lists. Even contacting Easton Press directly only gets a fraction of their titles, since they have so many out of print, and those are no longer included on their lists — we know because we have contacted Easton Press to get their updated lists.

It’s worth noting that we are focusing specifically on literary books, and not on most non-fiction lists. Additionally, we are specifically listing leather bound books, and are ignoring the non-leather bound collections that Franklin Library and Easton Press have published in the past.

If you are aware of any gaps or missing pieces in our leather bound book lists, or know of other major publishers of full leather bound books that you think we should be carrying, please let us know!

We hope that this site is a useful resource for book lovers and book collectors. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us.


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